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June 17, 2008

For Radio Girl

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Kelsi over at “The Radio Girl” recently posted a recording she made while wading into a swiftly moving creek. She wrote a funny post about what happened as she did that titled “Up the Creek“. Her original recording sounded like this: (Remember, headphones!)

I mentioned to her that only one channel had the actual recording of the creek. The other channel was mostly silence with a bit of noise hear and there. I told her I could clean it up if she wanted me to and she gave me the go ahead to try.

I removed the empty noisy channel and then reworked the remaining “Pure Creek Audio” channel by converting it to a true monaural track. This made the creek sound flat, totally centered when wearing headphones. I then divided the monaural track into a left/right stereo track and ever so slightly shifted one channel a bit out of sync from the original.

This is an old editing trick to simulate stereo sound. And it worked nicely here giving the creek a wider, fuller, three dimensional sound.

Then for fun, (because simple is never enough for Brother John) ;), I layered in some duck sound. Given the above mentioned story, that seemed an appropriate addition. I played around with both volume and depth with the ducks moving them back and forth throughout the soundscape.

I also added a touch of Canadian bird sound to add more depth.

Finally, there is another Canadian sound surprise toward the end. Can you guess what it is?

This was just me at play demonstrating what might be done with any captured audio. Give it a listen.. but remember the headphones!

With a bit more time, I’d probably ever so gently fade the sound out at the end so it wouldn’t be quite as abrupt. And I’d probably balance it more. But you’ll get the idea.

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